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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Caregivers for Seniors, Inc. work?

We start by doing a free assessment to make sure we can provide you with the best quality care. We then allow you to interview our caregivers to help assure your comfort, if there is time. We then refer the best matched and suitable caregiver to fill the desired hours needed.

What makes this service extraordinary?

It is extraordinary because it is seniors taking care of seniors! We match people who are best able to relate to our clients. We often match seniors with people of the same generational backgrounds that make our seniors feel their is a friend helping them and not just a "worker" in their house.

What types of services are available through Caregivers for Seniors, Inc.?

Please see our Services page for all the things we can help with.

How do I know I can trust a total stranger to take care of my mother or father?

This is an important question to ask any homecare agency. All Caregivers for Seniors caregivers have criminal background checks through the N.C.I.C.(FBI) National Crime Information Center. This includes fingerprints and picture. Our caregivers are also logged and monitored by A.H.C.A. American Healthcare Association.

Will there be a different person coming into my home each visit?

No. One of the things that makes Caregivers for Seniors different than other services is that we consider continuity of care very important. We try to match you with someone who has similar likes and interests to make our clients feel more comfortable.

What if I don't like the caregiver?

If for any reason, you and the caregiver do not "hit it off", we will promptly refer someone different to you.

My grandmother lives in a nursing home, but she would like to get out occasionally to do things. I live too far away to be there for her. Can someone go there to do companion services?

Absolutely! We have many clients in nursing homes, ALF's and even hospitals and rehab facilities. All too often a client has no family in the area and a companion can provide peace of mind by seeing that everything is being properly taken care of, while breaking up the boredom and loneliness for the client.

What are your minimum hours of service?

We require at least a 5 hour minimum per visit for our caregivers to drive out and work.

Do you provide services at night?

Yes! We offer 24-hour homecare service.

Our Mission

The Mission of Caregivers for Seniors is to match the best people to clients, and provide 24x7 service for Eldercare-Home Health, Assisted Living & Elder Care, Home Health, Sittings Seniors Citizens, Transportation, Alzheimer's Care, Hospital Sitter, New Parents, Surgery Recovery, Respite Care Relief, Senior Home Care, and Rehabilitation Assistance.